I provide copyediting services to organizations and individuals. Copyediting is a vital stage in bringing a manuscript to completion. My job is to eliminate errors and ensure clarity and consistency, while preserving the text’s voice and meaning.

Some of the tasks I have performed for clients include the following:

  • Correcting grammatical, spelling, and usage errors
  • Reworking and rearranging text to minimize redundancy and ambiguity
  • Fixing inconsistencies
  • Making information and style consistent throughout multi-author projects
  • Verifying the implementation of game rules
  • Fact-checking
  • Writing additional material
  • Converting games mechanics from one rules system to another

I am also available for proofreading and revisions/rewrites.

What exactly is copyediting? How is it different from proofreading?
Copyediting and proofreading have some similarities, but they also have some key differences. Copyediting is performed after the text is written but before it is laid out, usually in more than one round. The copyeditor finds and corrects any outright errors; advises changes for clarity, consistency, and style; and queries the writer when his or her meaning is unclear. This may involve substantial changes to the manuscript, as text is changed and moved around. The author and editor verify the proposed changes and provide any necessary rewrites. Proofreading is performed after the text has been laid out but before it has been published. The proofreader looks for that which is absolutely incorrect, rather than awkward, in the text and formatting. It’s much harder at this point, if not completely unfeasible, to make major structural changes or revisions. Every substantial manuscript should have at least one copyeditor and one proofreader.

How much does this cost?
Every project is different, and so is what’s needed to get it ready for publication. The fees for my services will depend on the level and kind of work required, which we’ll determine by discussing what my appointed tasks will be. Once I’ve received the manuscript and worked on a short representative sample, I’ll estimate the cost and time to complete it. My payment terms are flexible, with hourly, per-word, or flat-rate options available.

Contact me for more information and to discuss your project’s particular needs.