“Christopher edited a mammoth Mythos manuscript for Pelgrane Press — a multi-author project. From his work, it’s clear he had done his research on our system and the setting. He was thorough and precise and worked well with the other contributors, and delivered the work on time.” Simon Rogers, publisher

“Christopher really dug into my young adult manuscript, offering tons of suggestions that not only improved the flow of the work, but also made it more marketable. I highly recommend him as an editor.” Tim Kane, author

“I am always willing to work with anyone on the projects I head up, but for me to work with someone again, they have got to be imaginative, talented, never blow a deadline, open to criticism and suggestions, and willing to go the extra mile when asked to do so with no complaints. In short, they must be a joy to work with. Well I have worked with Christopher four times now, so that should tell you all you need to know about how I feel towards him.” Brian Sammons, editor