The Herbivore’s Convention Guide

Traveling with dietary restrictions has gotten easier, especially with the Internet as a resource. Whenever I travel, whether for business or pleasure, I visit a number of websites reviewing and rating vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and compile my own list of options. Going to a convention is no different, and sometimes more challenging.

While anyone can research likely food options, I thought I would provide one more resource, at least for the conventions I attend. This is based on the post I made last year before attending Gen Con, and I’ve decided to make my expanded Gen Con coverage a permanent page, followed by pages for my other conventions. Look upon this as one more resource to complement others out there–I can’t cover everything, and I have my own tastes. (If anyone has some favorites or more to add for a particular location, let me know.)

Each page follows the same general format. I start with my choices closest to the convention center, giving my impressions and basic details. These are not exhaustive lists, and I focus on places that attendees can get to quickly, preferably without driving. I include a few places that aren’t exclusively meat-free, especially for areas (like Indianapolis) where eating somewhere that doesn’t serve meat is more difficult. That said, I try to find places that are a bit more special than just making do at the typical chain restaurant (odds are, you already know how to do that).




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