About Me

I’m a freelance Christopher Smith Adaircopyeditor and writer. In 2002, I began occasionally writing for roleplaying games after avidly playing them for twenty years. In 2005, I earned my certificate in copyediting from the University of San Diego, California. You can read more about my services and credits elsewhere on my site.

I also have associate’s degrees in Philosophy and Political Science (Grossmont College) and a bachelor’s degree in Sociology (San Diego State University). Instead of pursuing any of that, I’ve primarily worked in the performing arts in ticket services. Recently, I finished my coursework in library technical services.

I’ve lived in San Diego the majority of my life. My interests include reading (not surprisingly), particularly weird fiction and comics; games (no surprise there, either), with a preference for roleplaying games; music, particularly post-punk, post-industrial, and noise; and strange movies. I also like some normal stuff.